The Box

The play

Psychologists say that a move is one of the biggest causes of stress and anxiety that a human being can suffer. Is there anything worse than a move? Yes. Having to do it in record time and also have nothing organized. This is the starting point of “La Caja”, first play of Clèment Michel. A three-act comedy with vaudeville structure, and the classic elements of the secret genre and lies as pieces of a fresh, youthful and hilarious puzzle.

The author

“The show is about a group of friends who love each other,” says Clèment Michel. Modernizer of French vaudeville, Michel knows very well the generation of which the thirty-something speaks because he belongs to it. The characters of the Caja carry and bring some boxes in which they carry their outstanding accounts, the stored questions, the truths that were never told. But they are friends, good friends, who not only accompany each other in the moves but also survive them.



cartel The Box

Technical sheet


Title: The Box

Author: Clèment Michel

Adaptation: Beatriz Santana y Gabriel Olivares

Director: Gabriel Olivares

Production: TeatroLab y El Reló

Producer: Gaspar Soria

Ilumination: Felype R. De Lima y Carlos Alzueta

Scenografy: Anna Tussell y Felype R. De Lima

Assistant director: Venci Kostov

Sound Design: Tuti Fernández

Press: María Díaz

Actors: Javier Martín, Raul Peña, Daniel Gallardo, Leticia Etala, Ángel Peraba, Eva Higueras, Mónica Vic, Ivan Bilbao y Bianca Kovacs.