TeatroLab Madrid, directed by Gabriel Olivares, is an open space of theatrical creation.

With the collaboration of all its members and through specific training, TeatroLab puts into practice the techniques of Viewpoints (Scenic Points of View) to respond intuitively to what happens at each moment on stage, and Suzuki (a rigorous discipline theater with influences of ballet, traditional Japanese and Greek theater, martial arts and flamenco) The objective is to discover the innate abilities of the actor, his own stage space, to achieve greater expressivity, presence and commitment.

TeatroLab carries out a work of creation, training and scenic investigation with a conception of theater as a collective art.


Our place is located in Madrid, in the heart of Carabanchel.

A rehearsal and exhibition space with more than 300 m2, where take place regular training for professional actors, laboratories for audiences, national and international residences and research workshops conducted by Gabriel Olivares, Diana Bernedo and Yolanda Ulloa.

artistic team

  • Equipo artístico
  • Equipo artístico

    Equipo artístico

    Actores y actrices de la compañía

    Javier Martín, Andrés Acevedo, David DeGea, Guillermo Sanjuán, Asier Iturriaga, David García Palencia, Eduard Alejandre.

technical team