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The technique of Viewpoints (scenic points of view) has its origin in the New York postmodern dance. Created by the choreographer Mary Overlie, it is adapted to the theatrical performance by the stage director Anne Bogart. The main objective of the training in Viewpoints is to deepen the duality of stage consciousness: on the one hand, the attention that the actor directs towards what happens in space and its relationship with stage companions; on the other, how to direct that awareness towards oneself and towards one’s own actions.


The Suzuki training consists of placing the actor’s body and mind at the center of the theatrical event. Influenced by traditional Japanese theater and classical Greek theater, ballet and martial arts, these exercises are designed for the actor to discover their own capacity for expression through concentration, discovering an individual conscience, seeking precision and clarity of expression, learning to become aware of the many layers of sensitivity with which they can interpret.

The actor and actress who train Suzuki develop a personal commitment to the emotional and physical strength they need to radiate their presence on stage.


Base scheme:

Four days a week: Monday and Thursday afternoon; Wednesday and Thursday motning. Duration: 2 and a half hours.

Taught by Gabriel Olivares, Diana Bernedo and other members of TeatroLAb Madrid.


“After knowing these techniques during my training at SITI Company in New York, I decided to organize a workshop in Madrid to continue researching and deepening them. My first impulse was to apply these techniques and processes of creation in my theatrical productions, to create a bridge between two ways of understanding and doing theater.

In December 2011, in a rehearsal room in Madrid’s Urgel neighborhood and in the company of a large group of actors, TeatroLab was born, a laboratory where we investigate and train, and we try to make a theater away from the conventional work processes and in which each of its members is a key piece in its creation. After three years of hard work, many mistakes and some success, we have managed to create a working group that shares a common language, in which collaboration and artistic excellence are our maxim. “

Gabriel Olivares, director of TeatroLab.



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